After a final shoot of 12 hours, principal photography is complete!

August 20, 2018

We have finished principal photography on Annulus! Damn does it feel good. As far as I can tell, the only thing I may want to reshoot is a drone shot that is pretty noisy, but that isn't all that pertinent right now.


Luckily, I have been editing the film as we go, So i have somewhat of a jump start on that process. The current rough cut of the film is 1hr and 45 minutes (twice as long as I intended) . Beyond that is even more work to be done ie. music, ADR, title sequence, credits, marketing plan, etc.


Filming was a blast and I can't wait to do the next one. I am also am excited to comb through all the footage and put together a blooper reel. This was a fantastic cast and we had a lot of great fun. That being said, the last shoot day was exhausting. We arrived planning for a long 8 hour day, but it turned out to be a 12 hour day. This was tough on everybody. Everyone was volunteering their time for free and one of the actors had lent us his house to film in. Greg came right after a long day of work. And the owner of the house had to work at 2am, but let us film in until 9:30pm! That last day was really just the biggest example of how lucky I am to have them all.


We had fun, but we also worked hard and very fast! no shots exceeded 2 takes! In fact, most were only 1! I was little unsure about doing that, but I was confident in my actors. Plus, during rehearsals (feels like a 10 years ago), these intense scenes were the ones we rehearsed.


We also did what will be the most heavy vfx scene on that day. The shooting of that scene was very simple, but the actors felt silly. It's one of those shots that won't really come to full fruition until the effects have been rendered. At that point, it just looked like some deranged man writhing on the floor.


Right now my next goal is to get a trailer out there. I have been having a hard time thinking of how to approach the trailer. as I have said before, the film walks a tightrope between silly comedy and dark drama. I was originally cutting the trailer like most that you see: giving a basic outline of the plot and how the character's life gets flipped upside down...but I don't think I'm going to make this approach. Anyone that knows me knows how much of a critic of movies, not because I actually know anything, but because I'm a glass half empty kind of cynic. Anyway, I hate when trailers are more than 60 seconds. and I especially hate it when they leave you asking "why should I even watch the movie? what could possibly happen that I haven't seen in this trailer"

So on that note, I think I may go with displaying what the vibe and tone of the film will be instead.


I know this is a shorter blog than usual, and that I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been hard at work on this film. And now I am starting back at my last semester of school, so i'm about to get even busier. With all that considered, I'm starting to question if the film will even be completed this fall, or even this year. Either way, Stay tuned. I would like to give more updates. If anyone wants to hear about thing in specific, let me know in the comments I'd be happy to go into further detail.



- Malakai









Annulus //an·nu·lus




  1. a ring-shaped object, structure, or region.


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