I was wildly unprepared.

June 30, 2018

Things are coming along. Most of one loction is done shooting, which covers a little more than half of the movie. 


Thursday night we shot a scene outside in the woods and damn, was I unprepared. First, let me explain what I envisioned for the shoot, then I will explain why that all went to hell.

The scene required the 2 main characters of Cal and Piermont as well as another side character named Derek. The scene depicts them walking into a woods in the middle of the night and Piermont and Derek abandon Cal for a moment, leaving him alone in the darkness. Cal feels nothing but fear. He feels he is about to be murdered ad up to this point, that was the plan the whole time. Cal takes out his camera and begins filming. Then Piermont and Derek come out of the shadows, getting closer and closer on either side of Cal as the speak in cryptic mysterious metaphors. The scene ends with Cal being sandwiched between Piermont and Derek as they are uncomfortably close. 

I had visited the loction during a scout in march, but that was during the day and there was still snow on the ground. But I was pretty sure there was a street lamp and even some light coming from a nearby cell tower. 
My plan was to place one of my 80w softbox lights 100 yards or so in the back of the woods. Then use the other soft box to key or fill where needed. This would only be increawsed in mood and vibe when I pumped a fog machine into the scene which would catch the light and give me the perfect x-files type scene.

I was wrong. 

There was no street lamp. There was no cell tower light. it was pitch black. The lights hardly did anything but make it wildly apparent I didn't know how to light a night scene. and the fog looked great...for 5 seconds until it dissipated near immediately. So low and behold, the backgrounds are all pitch black, the audio is probably unusable, the bug spray did not work that well and I'm not even sure I got all the coverage I needed. And to top it off, there was most definitely something in that woods. I am not joking. every few takes we would hear wrestling n the background or sticks snapping. Granted, it was probably just a raccoon or something of the like, but it could have just as easily been an actual x-files creature. 
So my plan now is to cut the scene together with wha I have and see where I am. I

think I can improve the look of the scene with some additional fog compositing and maybe even subtle background replacement, but we will see.

Now, depsite all the issues, the night was nowhere near a train wreck. It was more like the train slowed to a halt and we're not sure how to jumpstart it (clearly I know nothing about trains or cars.) 

We didn't finish until 2am so we were all very tired, but we all enjoyed the night. We found some great news jokes, a fantastic costume decision and established a great connection between two actors that haven't yet worked together. 

On a side note, I hop to get a trailer up soon. The sequences we have shot so far are pretty much the first half of the film. So if were to release a trailer with the current footage, it would lack what the film is actually about. That being said, stick around--there's more to come. 


- Malakai









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