Getting ahead

January 10, 2018

There's not a lot to be done, and so much to be done at the same time. We won't start princible photography until the end of May, maybe even mid-July, but I like to get ahead of things.


Today I finished a rough wardrobe-board. Basically, I throw together some outfit ideas and styles on to Photoshop so I and other crew and actors can all be on the same page. With these, I'm not asking for the actors to buy the specific clothes, but rather ask if they an build something from their own wardrobe with my vision in mind. 


Casting is pretty much done as well. I am lucky to have an amazing girlfriend who I know will play just about any part I throw at her. The last role I wrote for her was a little too sit-com-sarcastic, so I'm giving her a break ad having her play relatively small role in this. I also have great friends and family that are willing to help me out. They thoroughly enjoy it well, so we keep it fun.


The next thing on my mind is to meet with my head gaffer Josh Blevins, who I have worked with on two films now, to discuss lighting and visual tone. I'm also meeting up with another good friend of mine, Shane Karner, who did the original score on my last film. As we all can get very busy very quickly, we want to get a head-start on these things. 


I have been hard at work getting this film ready for production, but there isn't much material to show in terms of photos. So I'll leave you with these two photos. They are photos that belong in the wardrobe-boards I mentioned. How do these two things fit together? You'll have to watch the film and find out.







Annulus //an·nu·lus




  1. a ring-shaped object, structure, or region.

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