Support the film

Donating is not necessary, but it would be greatly appreciated.

We are now in post-production. That means editing, music, dialogue replacement, special effects etc. That part of production is long and tedious, but the next part is where we have to be very smart.

When the film is complete, I will be sending to festivals. While most people have only heard of festivals like Sundance, Cannes and SXSW, there hundreds of other festivals that may accept our film. 

The key is to submit to the ones that sound like they'd like it. Submission fees for festivals like this usually range from $50-100 or so.

With that in mind, this will probably be the second biggest expense for the film. 

After our festival tour is completed, hopefully a distributor or someone finds interest and purchases the film. Then it would go on a specific website or be distributed through a company.

That's the plan anyway, Again, you do not have to donate, but we would be extremely thankful as it would give us the chance to share our work.

Thank you,

- Malakai

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